European project EFFECT Manunet call 2009

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The Main Tasks In The Project

The Determination Of The Optimal Transport Tube Dimensions, Geometries And Layout.

The transport tubes will be modelled and the air flow within the system will be simulated using "Computational Fluid Dynamics" (CFD).

The Development Of An Innovative  Control System For Measuring And Controlling The Flow Of The Fibres And Air Within The Transport Tubes

The new transport systems would be designed and constructed using the inputs from the CFD simulation. Techniques for measuring the fluid flow in the transport system will be experimented. By the virtue of the simulated results and the experimentally measured air flow patterns the suction fans for energy efficient fibre transportation will be regulated by a dedicated control system. 

Investigation Into Possible Alternative Energy-Efficient Fibre Transport Systems.

The project would also investigate the scope of alternative energy-efficient fibre transport systems e.g. conveyor belts. The alternative systems would be selected keeping in mind the requirements of continuous and undisturbed delivery of material to the machines. A cost effect analysis regarding the energy consumption would be carried out to find the most efficient system.


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