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Energy Efficient Fibre Transport

Effect is a European Manunet project. MANUNET is part of ERA-NET network within the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Communities.

The EFFECT project has been funded by:

  • POR CReO  (Regional Operational Programme - objective "Regional Competitiveness and Employment), a European program through which the  "Region of Tuscany" supports investment projects for private companies and public entities in Tuscany.
  • "Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology" for the Republic of Slovenia.

The Objective

The objective of this project is to significantly reduce the energy consumption used to transport the fibres during the production of non woven fabrics.


The Research

  • The determination of the optimal transport tube dimensions, geometries and layout.
  • The development of an innovative  control system for measuring and controlling the flow of the fibres and air within the transport tubes
  • Investigation into possible alternative energy-efficient fibre transport systems.

The Process

  • Non woven fabrics can be broadly defined as a sheet like structure bonded together by entangling fibre or filaments mechanically, thermally or chemically.
  • This process, as opposed to weaving or knitting, does not require converting the fibres to yarn.
  • During the production of non woven fabrics the fibres are transported, with the help of an air flow within transport tubes, from one processing machine to another. In order to ensure a fault free processing of all material types suction fans with  higher capacities than required  are used.

The Economics

An estimate reveals that approx. 13,100€ per year (calculated at 0.10 € per kWh) are the costs incurred by one such suction fan along the production line. A simple calculation shows that a sum of about 1.5 Million € is spent on energy costs in a single production line with only about 6 fans through  the  lifetime  of  the  machines. 

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