European project EFFECT Manunet call 2009

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Description Of Work Packages:

  • WP1: Determination Of Fluid Flows Within Existent Fibre Transport Tubes In A Production Line And Their Visualisation
    • Evaluation of fibre properties.
    • Determination of dynamic process conditions in transport tubes.

  • WP2: Prototype Of Transport Tube Layout For Reduced Energy Consumption.
    • Simulation of air flow.
    • Design and construction of an ideal transport tube.
    • Verification of simulation with experimental results.

  • WP3: Prototype Of A Closed Loop Control System For Reduced Energy Consumption Within Transport Tubes
    • Development of sensor system.
    • Commissioning of fibre flow track with a closed loop control system.
    • Investigation of energy consumption savings.

  • WP4: Conception Of Alternative Systems For Fibre Transport.
    • Concept Study.
    • Conception of an alternative transport system.




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