European project EFFECT Manunet call 2009

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The Basic Idea Behind The Project

Background Information

  • During the processing of non woven fabrics the fibres being processed are transported over long distances in transport tubes to be distributed to machines such as bale openers, mixers etc. Air is used as the transportation medium.
  • During production a transport tube possess about one third volume of fibres and two third volume of air with an average air velocity of 20 m/s.

Actual Process Limitations

  • In order to transport a predetermined quantity of fibres to its processing station, keeping in mind the minimization of transportation waste and production waste, suction fans with 20% to 30% higher power capacities than required, are employed. Surprisingly, the energy consumption of the suction fans is constant for all kinds of material irrespective of the varying individual fibre properties and their flock building potential. An automatic regulation of the air required for transportation of different materials is not facilitated.
  • Additionally, the diameter of the transport tubes, their length, the bifurcation into further tubes and also their bending is done only by keeping the spatial constraints in mind. There is no consideration being given to the fluid flow of air within the tubes for efficient use of energy.

Areas Of Research To Overcome The Actual Process Limitations

  • The development of an innovative control system for measuring and controlling the flow of the fibres and air within the transport tubes
  • The determination of the optimal transport tube dimensions, geometries and layout.
  • Investigation into possible alternative energy-efficient fibre transport systems.

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